The tests you need
in minutes
wherever you are
with just one drop of blood.

Complete blood count (CBC), and much more, all on a pocket-sized device using revolutionary lensless microscopy.

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A Revolution in Diagnostic Technology

Moving medical care to the patient, rather than vice versa, can produce better and faster healthcare at lower cost. The complete blood count (CBC) is the most commonly ordered blood test. It’s run hundreds of millions of times a year in the US alone. But no truly portable device can yet perform a complete blood count (CBC) with a five part differential at the point of care. And no currently available device, portable or not, can perform a  CBC along with simultaneous immunoassays, immunocytometry, serology and other important diagnostic blood tests rapidly and easily on a single pinprick droplet of blood at very low cost.

These tests today typically require skilled phlebotomists to draw blood that is sent to a central laboratory for analysis on expensive devices operated by trained technologists. This process can take hours or days. It’s inconvenient for patients, forcing them to make multiple trips. It adds significant delay and expense to the nation’s health care bill. The need for phlebotomists and expensive instruments makes even this most basic blood test unavailable in many clinics and in remote locations, and unnecessarily increases expense everywhere.

Alentic’s highly portable, low-cost, lensless technology, protected by more than 30 US patents, can eliminate many of these problems. Our pocket-sized, easy to use devices need no skilled technologists or phlebotomists. They provide results in minutes, and can help deliver key diagnostic tests to anyone, anywhere, whenever and wherever needed, all at a cost well below current industry standards.

And CBCs are just the beginning of the lensless revolution. Future versions of our device, already in development, will perform rapid point of care testing for sepsis, sexually transmitted diseases, and a wide range of other conditions:  again, all at the point of care, and all from a pinprick of blood with no need for phlebotomists or central labs. While many of these tests can today cost hundreds of dollars, our lensless technology operates with small amounts of dry reagents that need no refrigeration and that have dramatic cost advantages over existing technologies.

Alentic’s technology makes health care more accessible, convenient, and cheaper for patients and doctors alike.

Introducing the Prospector

Imagine having key diagnostic results ready even before the doctor sees the patient: while the patient is still in the waiting room, in the ambulance, at the triage station, or in the field.
Imagine a truly portable device:
A pocket-sized device that does the job of blood count machines, flow cytometers, imaging plate readers and other bench-top instruments, simultaneously, on a pinprick volume, with immediate accurate results.

Now there's no more need to imagine.
Load, Close, and Go
Load the single drop of blood and the single consumable, close the lid, press go.
No calibration, no skilled technologist, minimal maintenance.

Designed for use by anyone, anywhere.
Alentic's Prospector 1.0 provides complete blood counts with 25 parameters and abnormal cell flags in under 7 minutes, using just a single drop of blood from a pinprick or venous sample.


How it works

After precisely controlled incubation with proprietary reagents, Alentic’s lensless microscopy technology uses digital image sensors to generate high-resolution multispectral images in seconds over a field of view that’s hundreds of times larger than standard, lens-based, optical microscopes.

These images are rapidly analyzed on the device by microspectrophotometry and advanced artificial intelligence: computational neural networks that classify, count, and measure cellular and chemical constituents of blood.

International Space Station

Alentic technology works where others can’t.

It works in space, where an Alentic device on board the International Space Station operates successfully where standard flow cytometers have failed.

Here on earth, the Prospector can operate not only in labs, but also in the field, in walk-in clinics, aboard ships, in remote locales, on land, at sea, anywhere.

Features & Benefits

Feature Benefit

Portable, Compact, Lightweight and Rugged

Tests can be done in physician offices, clinics, or anywhere they are needed.

Just One Drop of Blood
Fingerprick, heel stick or venous. No manual sample prep

No skilled phlebotomist. No needles. No stress. Eliminates the need for separate trips for blood draws. Dramatically reduces costs.

Unrivalled Speed
CBC results in less than 7 minutes

Better workflow, early initiation of appropriate treatment at the point of need.

Multifunctional Platform Technology

Takes the place of blood count machines, fluorescence flow cytometers, plate readers, and more. No more multiple different tubes of blood, repeat trips to the lab, long delays for results, or unnecessary costs.

Easy to Use
Intuitive touchscreen interface

Simple process with clear on-screen instructions. No expensive technologists.

Embedded A.I.

Expert-level analysis without dependence on cloud connection.

Wireless Connectivity

Information instantly transmitted wherever needed to benefit patients and health care providers and to facilitate integration with electronic medical records.

Maintenance and Alignment Free
Internal self-check

Low cost of operation. Ideal for field deployment.

Dry Reagents

No cold storage needed; long reagent shelf life at ambient temperatures.

Self-locking with passcode protection. Integral QR/Barcode scanner

Authorized use only, and only with appropriate reagents.

High Resolution Imaging

Blood smear images of all classified cells.

Platform Capabilities

The Prospector’s proprietary technology permits continuous observation of large numbers of living cells with high spatial and temporal resolution, uniquely enabling an unrivalled arsenal of valuable functional tests not possible even with large, expensive instruments in centralized labs.

The Prospector device

About Us

Alentic’s mission is to enable the widest possible range of analyses on a single drop of blood or other fluids, rapidly, easily and economically, wherever needed, anywhere and by anyone.

Alentic Team & Expertise

Alentic has assembled a team of highly qualified personnel with advanced science and engineering degrees and relevant industrial experience.

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